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What will the sites include?
That will vary somewhat with each site. For the most part, each site will include a Today's Verse daily devotional, a periodic article translated from our English version of Heartlight, and even more articles specifically written in that language. Other features like links to online Bibles, inspirational scripture art, and more will be available for some languages.

When will your international sites be available?
Our first site (Brazilian Portuguese) will come online April 3, 2003. After that, we expect to launch a Spanish site, a French site and a Russian site. See our sites page for more info.

Do you need help with these sites?
YES! We can always use volunteers to help in the many tasks surrounding the production of a quality web site. Please see our Volunteers Page to read about our requirements and about the opportunities we have.

Who is Heartlight?
Heartlight is a non-profit organization based in the United States of America. We exist to provide resources to live victoriously for Jesus in today's world. Primarily those resources come via the Internet, and particularly our Heartlight web site, one of the most popular Christian web sites in the world. You can find out more about us at our corporate site.

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